The series entitled Tefillah תפילה of 170 audio classes and the 76 classes of Bilvavi on the Parsha שיחת השבוע both present fundamental and practical perspectives of avodas Hashem with each shiur focusing on one particular point. Tefillah Hebrew audio files Parsha Hebrew audio files

The shiurim on Mesillas Yesharim מסילת ישרים explain this fundamental and practical sefer which the Gra advised to use as our guide for avodas Hashem. These shiurim focus on an inner perspective which hopefully leads to practical change. Additionally, one can integrate the shiurim on Chovos HaLevovos חובות הלבבות into this series. Mesillas Yesharim Hebrew audio files Chovos HaLevovos audio files

Awe ירא and Love אהבה are the roots of all branches in our avodah. They are explained in the shiurim of How the “System of Awe” works” מערכות ביראת השם and How the “System of Love” works מערכות באהבת השם. System of Awe Hebrew audio files System of Love Hebrew audio files

In contrast with this, learning Torah and d’veykus are the actual “body” of our avodas Hashem. To make the most out of our Torah learning, one should listen to the shiurim of י “Getting To Know Your Way In Torah Learning דע את תורתך – דרכי לימוד and the shiurim on the sefer Nefesh HaChaim – Gate IV   ‘נפש החיים שער ד. Getting To Know Your Way In Torah Learning Hebrew audio files Nefesh HaChaim – Gate IV Hebrew audio files

The shiurim on sefer Way of God;’דרך ה, Knowing God’s Plan  דעת תבונות and Nefesh HaChaim נפש החייםdescribe the inner perspective on Creation and its purpose. This is also the purpose of the series on the 13 Principles of Faith of the Rambam  דע את אמונתך. Derech Hashem Hebrew audio files Nefesh haChayim Hebrew audio files Da’as Tevunos Hebrew audio files 13 Principles of Faith Hebrew audio files

For those who are taking the Chassidic path, it is recommended to listen to the shiurim on sefer Tanya תניא and to read one of the Rav’s first published works “Lahav Aish להב אש.” which is an overview of the early chassidic texts. Sefer Tanya Hebrew audio files PDF of Sefer Lahav Aish

HolyDays PDF compilations: Ellul | Rosh Hashanah | Yom Kippur | Succos | Chanukah | Shovavim | Tu B’Shvat | Purim | Pesach | Lag B’Omer | Shavuos | Three Weeks | Tu B’Av | Bein haZemanim | All HolyDay PDF’S The best of these drashas were printed in this volume on the HolyDays

These shiurim describe an inner, fundamental perspective on our avodah from the soul’s perspective:

  1. Guide to Detachment and Simplicity מורה הפרישות ומדריך הפשיטות | Hebrew audio files
  2. Nefesh HaChaim – Gate III נפש החיים שער ג | Hebrew audio files
  3. HaMaspik L’Ovdei Hashem – Solitude” ספר המספיק לעבודי השם | Hebrew audio files

For those who want to enter into the world of deep Torah thought one should first learn these shiurim:

  1. Structure of Aggadta אגדות השס בדרך בנין | Hebrew audio files
  2. Encyclopedia on Avodas Hashem בלבביפדיה–עבודת השם | Hebrew audio files
  3. Essays in Awe of God סוגיות ביראת השם | Hebrew audio files
  4. Essays in Love of God סוגיות באהבת השם | Hebrew audio files
  5. Encyclopedia of Thought בלבביפדיה–מחשבה | Hebrew audio files
  6. Ethics of the Father’s- Maharal– פרק א’ פרקי אבות | Hebrew audio files
  7. Proverbs משלי | Hebrew audio files
  8. First Mishna in Brochos משנה ראשונה בברכות – אגדתא | Hebrew audio files
  9. Weekly Torah Portion פרשת השבוע | Hebrew audio files
  10. Baal Shem Tov בעל שם טוב | Hebrew audio files
  11. Guide for the Perplexed מורה נבוכים | Hebrew audio files

The purpose of the shiurim on the “HolyDays” is to give an inner, deep perspective on each of the festivals. This deep analysis and perspective of the festival helps a person connect to and enter into the very essence of the festival to some extent. It can be compared to a person entering a perfume store to enjoy the fragrant aroma. On a practical level, each person needs to be aware of his current avodah, before the festival arrives. One needs to know what his current avodah is now, and how the coming festival can further illuminate thay level of avodah. However, one should not digress from one’s current avodahand begin a different avodah. HolyDay Hebrew audio files

For those who want to enter into the hidden parts of Torah one should learn these shiurim:

  1. Beginner shiurim on sefer Eitz Chaim עץ חיים למתחילים
  2. Pischei Shearim פתחי שערים
  3. Kelach Pischei Chochmah קלח פתחי חכמה
  4. Sefer Yetzirah ספר יצירה
  5. In-depth shiurim on sefer Eitz Chaim עץ חיים בעיון
  6. Reshash רש”ש
Encyclopedia of Thought & Encyclopedia of Avodas Hashem

Just as the Rambam compiled all the relevant halachos that are scattered throughout the entire Torah , so too, in Aggadah, the purpose is to gather every word in the entire Torah. A little bit of this is found in these two “encylopedia’s.”

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