Reb Yirmi Ginsberg, Kollel Aish Kodesh NY

Building a Sanctuary in the Heart takes a person to most basic and fundamental ideals in Judaism to help develop a personal and intimate relationship with Hashem

PODCAST series weekly

Reb Yirmi Ginsberg leads numerous Chaburos (Group learning sessions) at congregation Aish Kodesh. His passion for Bitachon infused with insight from his own experiences and teachings of the Chasidic masters, will inspire you in developing your Bitachon. Don’t simply learn about trust in Hashem, but actually start trusting in Hashem for real.

Rav Moshe Weinberger, Shlit”a Aish Kodesh NY

Rav Yossi Michalowicz Westmount Shul  Toronto

Rabbi Boruch Leff (Reprint – Yated Ne’eman)

B’ezras Hashem, I am nearing the end of what is probably the most important sefer I have ever learned. Now, I don’t mean to say that this sefer is more important than the Chumash, or Shas. But I do say that if you are looking to truly and sincerely grow close to Hashem, if you are looking for real, practical guidance in how to live with Hashem on a constant basis, if you are looking to live with the Ribbono Shel Olam as your Friend, your Father , and your King, you must go to your neighborhood seforim store today and buy BILVAVI MISHKAN AVNEH-Volume 1. MORE

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