First of all, I wish to thank Hashem for giving me the privilege to teach people who thirst and yearn to expand their inner, spiritual world. May it be His will that the ideas prove to be beneficial. Generally, when one presents ideas, if they are conventional, well-known and familiar, people do not ask for sources. But when something new is said, people want to know where it comes from. I state clearly that I have been raised “on the knees of” the holy Torah and I have no other source. I have not read the books of secular scholars or recent sefarim based on them. I rely totally on our holy Torah that was given at Mount Sinai. That is my only source, because everything is there. One does need the eyes to see and the ears to hear the Torah properly. But nothing here is added to what was already stated in the holy works written by our Sages, of blessed memory. It is difficult to express these ideas in words, and I will define why that is. I have come to [give these classes] because of an inner mission – an awareness of a particular world that exists, which in reality, is more real than the world we sense, but is very hidden from people. This inner world is enchanting. It is a world of pleasure and connection, but it is not a world of fantasy. It is a world more real and clear than the world we know with our senses… MORE
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