A collection of derashos that begin with the topic of empowerment to help us find chizuk and to strenghten the light of our own neshamah, which can guide us through the greatest darkness. The derashos then continue with exploring the growing darkness that looms over our generation, and hopefully, with the “light” that we have gained from the derashos of the first section, we can be empowered to face all of that darkness and emerge with a greater light than before. Next is a section of Q&A With the Rav on the topics of avodas Hashem, self-help, and how to view our war against the Internet. Finally, are two special derashos of a “kabbalistic” nature about the Age of Moshiach and how the media blocks the light of the Ein Sof.

If you feel that you have benefited from the Rav’s shiurim & sefarim, please help us to continue to spread this Torah that inspires, guides and brings us closer to the ultimate goal of filling the world with Godliness.


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