Part One, Silence, is a series of derashos on hisbodedus focusing on practical guidance on how to access one’s inner solitude in order to talk to Hashem.

Part Two, Serenity, focuses on inner peace, or peace of mind. A “scattered mind” is at the core of many of the problems in the generation today, and that living a calmer lifestyle is ultimately a prerequisite the spiritual growth, besides for the physical and emotional and mental benefits that it offers.

Part Three contains Q&A on both of these subjects, offering practical help on these topics, in which Jews from all of different walks of life sent in questions to the Rav to receive practical guidance on these matters.

If you feel that you have benefited from the Rav’s shiurim & sefarim, please help us to continue to spread this Torah that inspires, guides and brings us closer to the ultimate goal of filling the world with Godliness.


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