Adaptation of the published hebrew sefer הכרת עצמית והעצמת הנפש with introductory chapters, practical examples & exercises

The Rav has delivered thousands of lectures, in all areas of Torah, and especially about the human soul based solely on Torah sources. Throughout these years, the Rav has been explaining an inner way of living life, described in the “Bilvavi” and “Da Es” sefarim.

More recently, the Rav shlit”a continued with another step in depicting an inner way of living, through the approach of the “4 Elements”. The approach has been taught in a way that is organized, step-by-step, and practical. Anyone can gain immensly from these teachings of how to work with the soul’s abilities, elevate them, and actualize them. Through it, one can develop a lifestyle that is appropriate for their own unique soul, coming closer to Hashem and serving Him with a complete heart.

If you feel that you have benefited from the Rav’s shiurim & sefarim, please help us to continue to spread this Torah that inspires, guides and brings us closer to the ultimate goal of filling the world with Godliness.


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