Da Es Geulasecha (Getting Ready For Your Redemption) is your personal manual on how you can experience your own “inner” redemption in order to prepare for the Redemption that will soon come to the world. By preparing inwardly in our souls, removing the barriers that “exile” us into being what we aren’t – doing the actions that are true to who we are, freeing our feelings and getting more in touch with what we truly want, we “redeem” the powers of our soul. Until we experience our personal redemption, we are still imprisoned inside our actions, emotions and thoughts that aren’t true to who we are. Through the chapters of this book, we can embark on a Torah approach towards self-actualization and merit our personal inner redemption.

The bulk of this book focuses on the topic of inner redemption. Also included are three talks of the Rav and questions and answers on corona.

It is our hope that through this book, we can prepare ourselves inwardly for the time of the Redemption, when Hashem’s glory will be revealed upon the world.

Thousands of the author’s original Hebrew shiurim can be heard on Kol haLashon’s telephone service in the USA at 718.521.5231 and in Israel at 073.295.1245

Bilvavi on the Parsha | Vayikra - Bamidbar - Devarim
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