This a compilation of carefully selected derashos adapted into English from amidst hundreds of penetrating talks delivered by the author of Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh (Building A Sanctuary In The Heart) and Da Es Atzmecha (Getting To Know Your Self). The style of the author is truthful with both depth and simplicity. The theme is always the same: make Hashem real, live with Him in a very real way, seek truth, and discover a life of pnimiyus – our “internal dimension.”
Part One, Gateway to Your Self, is geared to uplift, inspire, and get us in touch with the pure neshamah within each and every one of us. This is the fundamental basis which must come before any self-improvement, growth, and teshuvah – the awareness that we are inherently pure no matter what.
Part Two, Gateway to Others, helps us go beyond our own existence and give of our best self to others, with the theme of infusing our heart into doing chesed and tzedakah for others.
Part Three, Gateway to Hashem’s Glory, is geared for those who wish to hear truth and who are willing to go against the tide of the times, in spite of a world that’s spinning into oblivion. Special focus on how each of us can learn how to identify the aspects of the “Erev Rav” in the final exile in which we are tested with harmful influences and where each of us must prove our loyalty to Hashem.
It is our hope that all those who read this sefer will gain the appropriate chizuk and emunah, especially in the challenging times we live in and thereby feel empowered to truly “return to Hashem.” This is a handbook to to prepare ourselves, externally and internally, for the era of G-d consciousness that will fill the world.

Bilvavi on the Parsha | Vayikra - Bamidbar - Devarim
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