Gateways to Hashem from the author of the acclaimed sefarim Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh (Building A Sanctuary In The Heart) and Da Es Atzmecha (Getting To Know Your Self) is a thought-provoking compilation of derashos about the unique avodas Hashem of the Jewish woman.

The author explains the special powers which Hashem has given to the Jewish woman’s soul, such as the ability to use the spiritual “heart,” the nature of the “extra understanding” given to women, the deeper implication of a woman’s “extra amount of speech,” the areas of strength which a mother has in raising children, and the deeper meaning of tzniyus (modesty). Included in the end of this book is a section of questions and answers with the author which offer guidance on many different areas for women of all walks of life.

Gateways to Hashem is a essential volume which explains how a Jewish woman can enter her pnimiyus (innerness) and realize her true potential. This book can be a tool for the woman trying to stay solidly anchored to an inner, safe harbor of her own.

Bilvavi on the Parsha | Vayikra - Bamidbar - Devarim
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