Yitzchak Zilberstein,  Shlit”a, Bnei Brak

I have seen the sefer “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh” and I liked its content. I have bought several of these sefarim to distribute amongst the public.  May it be the will of Hashem that the words of the author bring great gain, and that we should merit to build a sanctuary in our hearts.

Rav Sherayah Deblitzki, Shlit”a

Behold, the wonderful avreichHaRav HaGaon has shown me his wonderful sefer, “Shnei Tolaas” Bilvavi Vol. V.), which discusses the topics of love, awe and connection to G-d. This sefer precious and deep, discussing heavy and deep  matter, which are meant to be learned by those who seek Hashem and constantly. It is a wonder that this young man who is still in his years of spiritual growth has succeeded at explaining so clearly these concepts of serving Hashem, which not many can understand. Thus if one wishes and yearns to be of the princes of Hashem whom Hashem is calling to, it is proper to learn this sefer, and surely any person who seeks Hashem will gain from it on his own level, to at least some of the spiritual light, which through it a person can ascend higher in spirituality.

The esteemed author is to be greatly thanked and may he merit much blessing from Hashem, for presenting to us a “Shulchan Aruch” filled with lofty concepts, that he should merit to ascend in Torah and in serving the Creator, higher and higher; and through this he is blessed as a benefactor of the public. May he merit to have additional works to merit us with more lofty ideas and concepts, in the way of yirah (awe of G-d) and avodah (service to G-d).

Rav Y.M. Weinberg, Tolna Rebbe, Shlit”a

I come here to make it known amongst the public of the importance of a small sefer but great in quality, which is called “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh“. In its brief words and in its clever parables, the author, the Rav, has produced an intelligent work, which defines and makes palpable, the duty of man on the world. I can say of myself that it was of great encouragement to me. Therefore I want to give a humble blessing to the author, the Rav, and to all who delve into this sefer, that they should merit to build a sanctuary for Hashem inside their heart, from serenity of soul and with happiness.

To the author, I am grateful for the inspiration which he has caused me. Since there is a saying “Examine the sheep”, I will point out that the sefer does not quote sources from the earlier sefarim of Chassidus, such as sefer Toldos Yaakov Yosef, Noam Elimelech, and Tanya, and other sefarim, which are full of all of the subjects discussed in this sefer; the absence of these sources is considerably recognizable here.

Rav Moshe Mordechai Karp, Shlit”a

This is to make known to all the preciousness of the beauty of the prominent sefer, “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh“, which has gained its place with the Rabbonim and their students both in the Holy Land as well as outside it. The praises are being sung of the wonders that this sefer has done, which is for Torah scholars and the students of Torah who aspire for spiritual growth, in the path that ascends towards the Almighty.

The truth is well-known about the wonderful author of this seferHaRav who desires to remain anonymous, that his Torah announces his status. From Heaven he has merited to compose this work, which awakens the hearts of our Jewish brethren, to truly serve G-d, and to have true faith in G-d, which fulfills the commandment of “And you shall cleave to Him”, at all times”; and mainly to live with the Creator at all times.

I can testify that the author shlit”a is on the inside as he is on the outside, and a Torah of truth goes forth from his mouth.

When the author outstretched his hand to produce a second volume, and then a third volume, and then several other volumes, within a short amount of time, as installments to above work, to awaken the hearts to serve Hashem, in Torah and in the study of mussar, this was besides for the novel Torah thoughts which he has merited to the Jewish people, within the words of the Torah of our master the Ari z”l and the Rashash z”l. Those who know the mystical parts of Torah had already testified to the qualities and understandings which the author shlit”a has merited.

Thus, it is a great mitzvah to spread and make known these important sefarim amongst Klal Yisrael, and to translate them. (Those who do so) will be amongst those who fulfill the verse, “Blessed is he…who upkeeps this Torah”.

May the merit of the holy Torah stand for those who spread (these sefarim) amongst the nation, to be blessed by the blessing of the “Tree of Life, for those who support it.”

Rav Yitzchok Meir Morgenstern, Shlit”a

I have seen some of the work of the pious and brilliant author shlit”a, which are words that bring a person to have connection and closeness with Hashem. There are deep matters in his words which he has merited to explain in a way that anyone can understand. His foundation is built upon the words of true tzaddikim, and through this one can be awakened to study these words at their source, in our holy sefarim; for the entire redemption depends on the dissemination of their words, which is the secret implication of the verse, “And the children of Israel are going out with an outstretched hand”, as explained by the Degel Machne Efraim. Through the dissemination of their words there are new spiritual lights that are revealed, and this in turn gives strength to more people to come closer to the great and truthful light of our Sages who explained to us in general the inner dimensions of Torah.

You should be blessed to ascend higher and higher, from level to level, and may we all merit together the coming of the righteous redeemer, and to greet him with joy and with a good heart, speedily in our days, Amen.

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