Bilvavi On The Parshah Bereishis – Shmos is an English adaptation of the Motzei Shabbos drashos on the weekly parshah given by the author of the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh and Da Es Atzmecha series. Those who are seeking greater closeness to Hashem and a deeper connection to avodas Hashem, Torah study, and character improvement, will find in it a treasury of Torah wisdom full of depth, as well as practice advice, in all areas of spiritual improvement.

The Rav has delivered thousands of drashos on a countless array of topics pertaining to spiritual improvement and avodas Hashem. In these drashos, you will analyze the weekly parshah as never before. Each parshah has a timely lesson with subtle applications to our own soul. You will gain knowledge of important, fundamental concepts in a Torah Jew’s life, in a way that is both deep and simple. Hopefully, you will become enthused to serve Hashem with greater passion and commitment.

May it be the will of Hashem that this sefer should help everyone who reads and learns it, to truly become closer to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and to His Torah, and to achieve greater clarity in avodas Hashem.

Thousands of the author’s original Hebrew shiurim can be heard on Kol haLashon’s telephone service in the USA at 718.521.5231 and in Israel at 073.295.1245

Bilvavi on the Parsha | Bereishis - Shmos
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