Four Elements Institute

As previously explained, the sefarim of the “Da Es” series, which have been released so far with siyata d’shmaya, are  “general paths” which are not individually tailored to one’s particular soul. These classes cannot explain how one can understand their personal, individual soul. Chazal state, “a person was created individual” and it is up to us to discover our own individual idividuality!

In order for a person to attain their own self-recognition of their own personal, individual soul and one’s corresponding personal avodah, we have the series of “Understanding Your Middos” דע את מידותיך and the series of the “Four Elements”  ארבעת היסודות. The “Understanding Your Middos” series of  104 classes survey the topic of the four elements embedded in Chazal. The series of the Four Elements give practical advice on a wide variety of human maladies based on the teachings of the four elements.

Understanding Your Middos

  • Fixing Your Earth including:
  • Fixing Your Sadness & Laziness;
  • Fixing Your Earth [Sadness] and;
  • Fixing Your Earth [Laziness]
  • Fixing Your Water
  • Fixing Your Wind
  • Fixing Your Fire including:
  • Fixing Your Fire [Conceit];
  • Fixing Your Fire [Anger] and;
  • Fixing Your Fire [Honor]

Four Elements Series

This requires a deep, in-depth study about many different facets of the soul, so that one can gain the general structure of the soul and its details, down to the subdivisions of each of these details. This is a way by which one can come to recognize his individuality, and if one merits it, one can even help others learn about their own souls.

The order to learn the “Four Elements Series” is:

After this, one should learn the shiurim that explain each of the character traits in general [Fixing Your Earth, Fixing Your Water, Fixing Your Wind and Fixing Your Fire]. One should mainly learn the shiurim that are more applicable to the middos which are more personally relevant to each individual.

The Four Elements Institute

In order to disseminate these teachings, The Four Elements Institute was founded under the sole guidance of the Rav, Shlit”a who appointed Rav Nisan Imani as it’s director. The institute follows the world view and sole direction of the author of the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh series

Its activities will include: publications in hebrew and english, seminars, training programs, therapy center and an inter-active website.

The activities of the Institute are explained in greater detail in the introductory publication entitled, “The Necessity to Study & Know the Soul” הצורך בלימוד והכרת הנפש in hebrew, and in english.

An abridged english adaptation of the first three audio classes is available here for download.